A New Bamboo Chair

  • Client: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The project is about how to make a new bamboo chair from the base of traditional bamboo making process and its craftsmanship. The idea is to capture the valuable traditional techniques and renew them with small changes to fit for today’s living style.

The project is co-operated with a bamboo craftsman from Jhushan, in Taiwan, a place bamboo production is rich and its collection is easily accessible. The new chair making method follows a very traditional way. The chair structure, such as the legs, the seat frame and the back are all built up by bamboo stem so that the originality and characteristic look of the bamboo can be preserved. The bamboo segments are attached to each other tightly by the hand-made bamboo dowels.

When other material being applied, such as the wooden seat, newly created metal joints are adopted to combine different materials more efficiently. The back supports are bent and interlocked to give the chair a more modern twist.

Through this project, it is realized that understanding and preserving the good essence of the tradition is very precious ground for new creation and moving forward.